A Beginner’s Guide to Healing Crystals

February 26, 2020

Setting intentions through crystal healing is as integrated in our schedules as checking our daily CoStar reading. Want to start your day off on the right foot? We have a crystal for that. In need of a mid-workday moment of zen? We have a crystal for that. Need an assist in meditation? We have a crystal for that. Crystals are far from a recent fad — ancient civilizations spanning across the globe (and likely locations where some of your 23 and Me relatives of years past lived) used the stones in healing rituals, for protection, in divination ceremonies, and medicine. Their reach today extends past that of your new age roommate’s Instagram feed, too: Tech items like cell phones, watches, computers, TVs, and even satellites incorporate certain crystals to help convert electrical impulses into light or sound waves.

So, how can you incorporate crystals into your own life? The idea of working with healing crystals can sound pretty out there to some, especially if your prior contact with them centered around your third grade rock collection, but they can be very useful tools in manifestation and setting intentions. Want to achieve a specific goal? There’s a crystal for that — keep it close by as you visualize those goals, and watch the magic happen. 

Crystals absorb energy in the way your dish sponge absorbs water, so you’ll want to clear it of any bad vibes it may have picked up before it crossed your path. Before using your crystal, be sure to cleanse it either by washing it with water, or giving it a quick pass with a sage or Palo Santo smudge stick. The more you use your crystal, the more energy it absorbs, so make a point to cleanse your set once a month, or after another person has handled them to avoid picking up any weird energy from their end.

Each crystal has its own unique qualities that can help you achieve your end goal. Here, we outline the five stones you should start with, and how to manifest positive energy with each one.


Get you a crystal that does it all. Clear quartz is one of the most popular crystals, and for good reason — it helps to amplify your intention, has powerful cleansing effects, blocks negative energy, and magnifies the energy of the crystals around it. Essentially, it’s the hypeman of the bunch, for both yourself and your entire crystal collection. Harness its powers by sitting with the stone and allowing it to fill you with light and positive energy.


This stone is known as the stone of love and compassion, though you don’t have to be seeing the world through rose-tinted glasses to realize its power. Whether you’re intent on swiping for a soulmate, or simply want to show yourself some more love, rose quartz radiates compassion and gentle, healing energy. It opens and activates your heart chakra (which is responsible for love and compassion), helping you to let go of toxic energy, restore trust, and promote a feeling of empathy and understanding. Anytime you’re feeling on edge, grip your stone, think happy thoughts, and become the kind, compassionate person rose quartz knows you are. 


She’s more than just a pretty face. While amethyst is used in home decor to brighten up a room, it does double duty to boost inner strength, provide psychic protection, and is great for meditation, allowing you to better tap into your psychic powers. Thanks to its strong connection to the crown chakra (or, the chakra that rules the mind and connects us to the universe), amethyst can help clear the mind of negative thoughts, making it key to have nearby in the event of a stressful situation. 


Want to channel some creative, optimistic vibes? Reach for citrine — arguably one of the most powerful stones for manifesting good things. Citrine is that upbeat coworker who gets shit done, but never fails to crack a joke when a meeting gets tense. Citrine is your best friend, fighting for you in your corner, singing your praises to the tune of your favorite Lizzo song. Citrine helps to project positive energy and stimulates the mind, encouraging you to form good habits and stick to them. It’s a great crystal to have on your desk at work, or anywhere close by whenever you need to boost your mood. 


Consider black tourmaline to be your tiny but mighty bodyguard, absorbing negative energy and emitting nothing but positivity. Similar to your Brita filter purifying your water, black tourmaline does the same for your spirit, filtering out bad vibes so that you only come in contact with the good. Don’t let that one time when you responded to “What’s your name?” with “I’m fine, thanks” weigh on your mind — black tourmaline has your back, and helps to cleanse the mind of less-than-stellar thought patterns that creep up on you before going to sleep. It’s also a great crystal to have next to your electronic devices, thanks to its abilities to absorb electromagnetic radiation.

Once you’ve selected the crystal of your choosing and cleansed it accordingly, it’s time to program it — you know, just like the brand-new smartphone you can’t wait to set up. Hold your crystal in your hand, close your eyes, and speak your intention either out loud or in your head. As you speak your intention into the universe, the stone will absorb your energy and help make the path towards your goal more, well, crystal clear.