Blue Light Awareness Day Is a Thing, And Here’s How You Can Take Part

October 8, 2020

Did you know that blue light exposure has its own holiday? While Mean Girls may have claimed October 3rd in perpetuity, October 10th has been established as Blue Light Awareness Day. Don’t feel too out of the loop if you’re just finding out about it — Blue Light Awareness Day was established in 2019, and since we’re all about blue light protection, you know it’s one occasion we’re definitely recognizing. Here’s what you need to know about the holiday, and how you can take part!


What exactly is Blue Light Awareness Day?

Why, it’s exactly what it sounds like, dear reader. Blue Light Awareness Day is a holiday centered around recognizing blue light exposure, and the issues that stem from it. While it (unfortunately) may not be a floating holiday acknowledged by PTO from your company, it’s an opportunity for you to take a look at the ways you’re exposed to blue light on a daily basis, and ensure you’re protected from it across the board.

Though, no judgement on our end if you just need to block off time on your work calendar, you know, to curb the blue light exposure.

How did the holiday get started?

This isn’t one of those online holidays made up by a friend of a friend on Facebook — Blue Light Awareness Day was actually established by the California State Senate as a reaction to issues stemming from excessive blue light exposure, including but not limited to headaches, dry eyes, blurred vision, premature aging of the retina, macular degeneration, and compromised sleep. October 10 also happens to mark World Sight Day, which aims to raise awareness around vision impairment, so having Blue Light Awareness Day share the date is entirely fitting — kind of like sharing a birthday with a celebrity you like.


How can I take part in it?

We’re so glad you asked. Blue Light Awareness Day is all about recognizing the amount of blue light you’re exposed to, so you’re already pretty involved with its message considering that you’re here, reading this, and fully aware of its impact. Want to get even more involved? Here are a few additional ways to take part, you overachiever, you.

🔷  Monitor your blue light exposure. We get it — sometimes after an endless day of Zoom calls, unwinding by scrolling through your feed or streaming an entire season of The Great British Bake-Off feels like the best way to unwind. The Catch-22? You’re still exposing yourself to blue light. We’re not saying not to do those things — you do you! — just keep in mind how much time you’ve spent in front of screens, and listen to the signals your body gives you that may hint that you could use a break. Give your eyes a chance to focus on something else, or practice mindful activities like setting affirmations or reveling in the joy of missing out.

🔷  Make sure you’re protected. Reduce the impact by incorporating Goodhabit’s blue light-blocking formulas into your routine, which work to neutralize the effects before they take shape, while also doing the heavy lifting to repair existing signs of photoaging. Additionally, screen overlays created for your phone, tablet, or computer can help the blue light shift to an amber tone, while blue light glasses protect your eyes — an essential move for those especially long WFH days. Another idea? Opt to turn down the brightness on your screen to reduce strain on your eyes, not to mention, the impact on your skin.

While blue light is an issue that won’t be going anywhere, having a specific day dedicated to awareness of the issue will help to spread the word of exactly how it impacts you, and more importantly, how you can keep its damaging effects in check.