Revive Tired Eyes With Our NEW Bright Awake Eye Cream

April 7, 2021

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by Amanda Etkind


Bright Awake Eye Cream:  Rise and Revive Tired Eyes, Stat

Do you feel like tired-looking under-eyes are a constant issue? Because, same. While it’s very clear most of us don't look bright eyed and bushy tailed every single day, the culprit isn’t always as straightforward—or so we thought. Some say tired, puffy under eyes are due to a lack of sleep, while others say it's genetic. Would you have ever guessed eye strain might be the culprit?


Think about it: In 2021, we spend the majority of our days holed up at our computer screen taking Zoom meetings, and after work, we likely cozy up in front of our TVs and tablets to continue binge-watching our favorite show of the moment. While all of this is somewhat inevitable, it definitely takes a toll on your delicate eye area. You see, you typically blink upwards of 15-20 times per minute, which ends up being about 28,000 blinks per day. However, when you’re fixated on your computer screen, you blink less. Less blinking means less movement, which means less blood circulation. This phenomenon explains why many of us have more prominent dark circles and bags under our eyes regardless of how much we’ve slept or our genetic predisposition. To help combat the negative ways that eye strain impacts your skin, we created our Bright Awake Eye Cream, which features a potent blend of ingredients plus a cooing metal-tip applicator to help make puffiness and discoloration a thing of the past. Intrigued? We thought so. Keep reading to get the 411 about how it helps combat tired-looking under eyes, what’s inside, and how to incorporate it into your skincare routine.



Okay, So Tell Me More About Eye Strain?

Like we said above eye strain happens when you’re constantly staring at your computer screen or television. Basically, the strain causes blood vessels around your eyes to enlarge due to lack of circulation resulting in darker, puffy-looking under eyes since our muscles have to work extra hard to stay open. Research has found that between 50% and 90% of people who work at a computer screen experience these negative effects that severe eye strain has on your eyes and eye area. 


How Does Rescue Me Bright Awake Eye Cream Help Revive My Tired-looking Under Eyes? 

We formulated our new eye cream to help combat these negative effects of eye strain. We found that the top four causes behind less-than bright eyes are discoloration, puffiness, thin skin, and strain from staring at your screen for too long. Our Rescue Me Bright Awake Eye Cream combines a high-performance, hydrating blend of effective ingredients to tackle all four areas in one fell swoop. It reduces the visible effects of eye fatigue, minimizes the look of dark circles, visibly reduces puffiness and under eye bags, and promotes a brighter, more awake look all while building up dermal density (your under eye area is the thinnest area on your face). Plus, the applicator mimics the effects of that old school cold spoon trick to enhance the formula's effects. 


Bright Awake Eye Cream

Okay, This Sounds Like A Must-Have! What’s Inside? 

Inside You’ll Find: 

  • Cedar Bark Extract: Increases microcirculation and prevents blood vessels from pooling and causing discoloration.
  • Green Coffee Bean: Helps to increase collagen and rebuild the thickness of your skin.
  • Kukui Nut Oil:  Provides intense hydration without looking greasy to minimize the look of fine, dry lines.
  • Hyaluronic Acid: Locks all of this goodness in for long term hydration. 
  • Our BLU5 Technology: Reduces dark circles caused by straining your eyes from extended screen time. 


So How Should I Incorporate Rescue Me Bright Awake Eye Cream Into My Routine?

We suggest applying this as the last step of your skincare routine both morning and night. To start, gently squeeze a pea size amount onto the cooling metal tip, then dot it along the under-eye area gliding the contour applicator from inner and outer corners to promote microcirculation. Finally, use your finger to smooth on any excess until it's absorbed. This eye massage technique from the cooling metal-tip applicator boosts micro-circulation, reduces puffiness, and relaxes the muscles around your eye area leaving a brighter, wider-awake appearance.


Good news! You’ve made it to the end. Now that you have everything you need to know about our Bright Awake Eye Cream, get ready to actually be bright-eyed and look wide awake every single day.


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