These Cold-Weather Friendly Masks Are Your Winter Skin Saviors

March 10, 2022

 cold weather skin care


by Amanda Etkind


Winter skin woes are admittedly not only a nuisance, but can be pretty uncomfortable. The cold temperatures mixed with the moisture-sucking dry air is a recipe for irritated, parched, and flaky skin. While your typical skincare routine may work perfectly fine for the other three seasons, you’ll likely need to bring in extra reinforcements for this particularly frigid time of year. Luckily, there are masks you can use to transform that dry, lackluster skin into a healthy, glowing complexion. Below, find our three go-to Goodhabit masks for lips and skin that will revive your winter-plagued complexion.


A Conditioning Lip Mask

You may be focused on the skin on your face, but there’s another feature that deserves some love too, and that’s your lips. The harsh winter winds and below freezing temps can wreak havoc on your pout causing them to flake, crack, and shrivel up. To remedy the aforementioned discomfort and flaking, we suggest adding an extra lip treatment, specifically an overnight lip mask into your routine to restore the moisture in your lips. Our brand-new Butter Together Nourishing Treatment Balm ($16) is the perfect one to reach for. It boasts an ultra-emollient formula that protects and hydrates your lips, delivering a visibly plump, soft, and supple appearance. It features a blend of 16 plant-based oils and butters—rich with nourishing ingredients like mowrah, kokum, and murumuru—which work to repair chapped lips, relieve dryness, restore lipid levels, protect against dehydration, and promote both long-term softness and moisture. To use as an overnight mask, swipe onto lips as the final step of your nighttime skincare routine.



cold weather skin care



A Glow-Boosting Face Mask

If in the winter you regularly suffer from patches of dry,flaky skin and clogged pores, you’ll want to listen up. While you don’t want to overdo it with the exfoliating treatments, adding a chemical exfoliating mask into your routine once or twice a week can instantly revive your complexion and remove any dead skin sitting on the surface. Enter our radiance-boosting Glow On Enzyme Mask ($45) to save your winter-warped skin. This resurfacing mask is packed with a combination of natural fruit enzymes, AHAs like lactic, malic, and phytic acids, and replenishing oils to clear out clogged pores, boost your glow, and rehydrate skin all in one go. The mask is even safe for those with sensitive complexions, which is hard to find when it comes to exfoliating treatments. Slather it onto clean, dry skin, working in circular motions until the mask turns white, then rinse after 10-15 minutes. 




A Regenerative Overnight Mask

Is your nighttime moisturizer just not getting the job done this winter? If yes, the answer is an overnight mask. Many overnight masks cocoon the skin in nourishing and moisturizing ingredients (some even have added actives) to give your skin optimal hydration and rejuvenation while you’re sound asleep. And of course we have the perfect one in our lineup that hydrates, protects, and revives your complexion while you’re catching major Zzs. Our Rescue Me Rest & Reset Mask + Moisturizer ($38) is a mask-meets-moisturizer hybrid that works with your skin’s nightly regenerative cycle to detox your complexion from the harmful effects of blue light exposure. It also includes a laundry list of skin-loving ingredients including hyaluronic acid, blue tansy, our patented BLU5 Tech, ceramides, evening primrose, niacinamide, plus a plant-based retinol alternative bakuchiol. This nourishing, effective overnight treatment will allow you to wake up with a gorgeous plump, youthful glow that will have you saying,  “Winter? Don’t know her.”



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