Happy Earth Day: Here Are 3 Ways Goodhabit Works For A More Sustainable World

April 21, 2021


by Amanda Etkind


If you care about our Earth (if you don’t, you definitely should start), then you’ve likely noticed an uptick in talk around sustainability—and we’re here for it. As a $532 billion dollar industry, beauty contributes quite a bit to climate change and unfortunately polluting our beloved Mother Earth through packaging, shipping, and water use. Luckily, sustainability is an ever-increasing initiative across the globe. From upcycling and carbon neutrality, to reusable and refillable packaging solutions, many industries, including beauty, are putting the planet at the forefront of their initiatives. In honor of Earth Month, we wanted to shine a light on how we, at Goodhabit, have been actively trying to make a difference through our packaging and charity initiatives. Keep reading to learn more about how we’re working towards a more sustainable future in 2021.


Our Components

The beautiful jars, tubes, and bottles that sit pretty on your vanity are actually contributing to climate change. So how are we different? Well, traditional tubes are made from multiple layers: a barrier, middle, and exterior. Each part is produced from a different material and then pieced together as one. So reflect on this for a second: If one tube has 3 different materials, then it's not recyclable because other materials cannot be separated into pulp and plastic resin without substantial contamination. That’s why we’ve been working toward using more environmentally-friendly materials — especially with our formulas in tubes like our Bright Eye Awake Eye Cream and Rest + Reset Mask & Moisturizer. Unlike traditional tubes, ours are mono-layer, meaning we use one material, bio-resin, which is sourced from sugarcane and makes them both recyclable and environmentally friendly. Plus, all of our other packaging is fully recyclable thanks to its singular material plastic designed with vegetable-based dyes. 


Our Outer Packaging

Another major player when it comes to environmental pollution is the outer packaging our products come in—and if you’re anything like us you likely throw them into the recycling bin the second you open the package. In order to produce these cardboard packaging that your favorite beauty products come in you need to use pulp from trees.  Making the pulp from trees is where the problem lies as producing the pulp creates sulfur dioxide pollution. To take ourselves out of the equation, we use cartons that are Forest Stewardship Council certified — an organization that promotes environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial, and economically viable management of the world’s forests. Since we work with the FSC, our packaging is grown from sustainable and responsibly managed forest that doesn’t disrupt the environment or other forestry. 



We Donate To Earth-Loving Charities

Donating to charitable causes is another way we contribute to a Sustainable future. The good news? You can be a part of it too. If you’re not familiar, our Good Stuff Membership program is where you can score major benefits like shipping perks and exclusive discounts every time you shop—and of course, give back. Every Good Stuff Membership (if you’re not already a member, you’re totally missing out) donates to charitable organizations that are dedicated to helping the earth’s resources. We work with Oceana and The Conservation Fund. Oceana is a scientist-led group focused on conserving the world’s oceans by creating effective solutions to the sea’s most-pressing problems in an effort to help restore them to their former glory. The Conservation Fund is another amazing organization that has already protected 8 million acres of land across the United States since 1985 and aims to add even more forests, waterways, deserts, parks, and many more landscapes to that growing number.


Now that you know our deal, we hope you’ll join us in creating a more sustainable future to keep Mother Earth in her prime.