How To Bring Balance Back To Your Daily Routine—Plus Our NEW Goodhabit Fragrances

September 3, 2021

Goodhabit fragrances

by Amanda Etkind


While January is the official turn of the calendar year, September calls for a different kind of new beginning. Many are headed back to school, Summer Fridays are sadly over, and the days of beach trips, barbecues, and rooftop nights are coming to an end. We typically tend to be more lax with our routine during the season of fun and sun, so come September we’re ready to get back into our typical regimen and strike that balance between living our best lives and reaching our goals. Since life is forever a balancing act and can sometimes seem like you’re treading a fine line between enjoying yourself and juggling work, family, and commitments, we’re here to offer some words of wisdom. Just remember, maintaining a well-balanced life isn’t just crucial for your health, happiness, and well-being but also essential for boosting productivity, managing stress, and being your best version of yourself. Ready to resume a balanced routine? Read on for our five ways to help you get back into your groove with some ease, and learn more about our two NEW Goodhabit fragrances Align and Exhale that will recenter your mind, body, and soul. 


Take Care Of Yourself From The Inside Out

Health is a huge factor when it comes to balance. If you’re not practicing healthy behaviors—i.e. eating foods that satisfy and nourish you, getting eight hours of shuteye, moving your body in ways that bring you joy, and staying hydrated—your body will definitely be off balance. If you’re having trouble with all three, try focusing on one at a time to ease your way into all of the above. 


Prioritize What Matters Most

Overextending yourself will lead to burnout—which isn’t what people who live balanced lives want to experience. Instead, reflect on what matters most to you, along with the daily parts of your routine that are necessary, like your 9-to-5 job, or caring for your kids. Beyond that, try focusing on the task at hand in the moment—that way, you have the time to focus on the things that matter in the moment, and have more time to yourself in the long run. In addition to these mental reflections, we suggest spritzing your pulse points with our NEW Align fragrance, which is designed to help you filter out all the external noise and uplift your senses. This blend of  blend of blackcurrant and pear is brightened with a twist of bergamot, while freesia and rose oil create a lush floral heart. Base notes of musk, patchouli, and white amber elevate the richer elements and keep the positive vibes flowing. 



Set Small Goals

When training for a marathon, you can’t reach your prime running time after the first training session. This same idea applies to your life. Instead of making lofty goals, create small attainable ones instead. This helps you be realistic with what’s actually achievable, which in turn can help you reach your larger goals in due time. To start, make a list of goals in each of the following areas of life: 

  • Health 
  • Physical fitness
  • Stress 
  • Friendships
  • Romantic Relationships
  • Family
  • Finances


Take Time To Unwind

A car that's empty can’t get you where you’re going. Just like your body can’t function properly if you’re on the go all of the time. Be sure to take time to relax and recharge both during the week and on the weekends. Whether it's an hour a day, or a full day on Saturday, these moments of self care are essential. Try reading a book, meditating, going for a jog, talking to a loved one, or taking a bath. These small moments of leisure bring balance to your life in more ways than one. Another way to enhance these times of rest is with our NEW aptly-named Exhale Fragrance. An enlightening blend of waterlily and dewy greens open the scent on a bright and calming note, while lily of the valley, jasmine, and rose water emerge as the scent warms to your skin to help you find your center. Like a good yoga session, skin musk, patchouli, and cedarwood ground the delicate elements. 


Pencil In Social Time

Social interactions are another must-have to achieve balance. In this age of working from home, lack of interactions with other human beings can totally dim your spirit. Make sure to check in with friends and schedule catchups, whether that’s virtually or in person. Put a spa visit with the girls or do a virtual paint night on the books—with wine in hand. These essential moments of human interaction not only bring about balance in your life but also keep you sane. 


Getting back into daily life can be a challenge, but with our simple, doable steps (and scents to match the mood), you can refind your balance again, we promise. Follow us on Instagram @goodhabitskin for more great tips.