Lip Care 101: Show Your Lips Some Love With These Three Lip Care Tips

March 13, 2022

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by Amanda Etkind


When it comes to skincare, we put a major emphasis on caring for our complexion. Slathering our faces in serums, oils, and moisturizers, going for in-office dermatology treatments, and treating ourselves to monthly facials all to keep our skin happy, healthy, and glowing. But oftentimes, we neglect a specific feature on our face that actually requires extra TLC. We’re talking about the lips. The skin on our lips is more sensitive than any other part of the body leaving it prone to chapping, flaking, cracking, and peeling. Plus, there are no sebaceous glands so they don’t produce any oil on their own. On top of that, seasonal nuances like harmful sun rays in summer and harsh winds in winter can also cause irritation, chapping, and overall discomfort. But before you get too discouraged, we have some good news. There are a few key tips, and products of course, to incorporate into your routine for a soft, supple and smooth pout all year ‘round. Here, we’re sharing four essential lip care tips for a gorgeous-looking and healthy-feeling pucker all 365 days of the year. 


Gently Exfoliate

Just like the skin on our face, our lips require a little exfoliation to remove any flakes, or dry patches. Skip any harsh or irritating ingredients like peppermint oil, apricot kernels, and salt or sugar. Instead reach for a damp washcloth or toothbrush to lightly slough off dry, dead skin flakes on the lips without causing any irritation or tearing. Stick to doing this once a week and follow-up with a nourishing lip balm to hydrate lips post-exfoliation. 


Use An Overnight Lip Mask

Let’s be honest, when our lips feel good, they look good too. A great way to keep them looking (and feeling) moisturized and plump is to add an overnight mask to your routine. Our ultra-nourishing Butter Together Nourishing Treatment Balm ($16) is our treatment of choice. With an ultra-emollient formula that protects and hydrates the lips, you’ll notice a visibly plump, soft, and supple appearance after just one use. You can thank its mix of 16 plant-based oils and butters that are brimming with nourishing ingredients like mowrah, kokum, and murumuru. These butters and oils work to repair chapped lips, relieve dryness, restore lipid levels, protect against dehydration, and promote both long-term softness and moisture. 



Reach For A Nourishing Lipstick 

We don’t deny that a matte, velvety lip is seriously stunning, but most shine-free formulas suck the life out of your lips—and by that we mean the hydration. To keep things smooth, moisturized, and flake-free, choose a lipstick formula that’s veers on the hydrating side of the spectrum. Our sister brand, Deck Of Scarlet, has a pretty awesome lip product in their lineup that also happens to totally fit the bill. Deck of Scarlet’s multitasking 3-in-1 wonder Threeway Solid Lip Oil ($28) combines the nourishing hydration of an oil, the payoff of a lipstick, and the all-out shine of a gloss into one nutrient-rich formula. It features skin-loving  ingredients like watermelon, cucumber, and carrot seed oils to nourish, hydrate, and smooth dry, chapped lips. There’s even hyaluronic acid in the instantly nourishing formula to help plump up your pout and lessen the look of lip lines. 

lip care tips


If you’re not sure which shade to start with we’d love to point you in the direction of the brand’s collaboration with world-renowned graffiti artist James Goldcrown. This special-edition Threeway Solid Lip Oil stars his signature graffiti hearts embossed on both the Threeway Solid Lip Oil packaging and its outer packaging box. The shade itself is also spectacular with its sheer peachy color that’s spiked with light-catching gold flecks. If that’s not your speed there are 24 other shades to choose from.

James Goldcrown x DOS Lip Oil


Are you ready to show your lips some extra love? Follow our must-have lip care tips for your softest, smoothest pucker yet.