Mastering the Art of Beauty Rest with Morgan Lane

January 1, 2021

If you need evidence that beauty rest is fundamental, take note of how your skin looks after a restless night, and again after you’ve gotten your full eight hours. Let us guess — the latter situation always delivers the best result, right? No matter what your nighttime skincare lineup looks like, one thing is certain: Being well-rested is a key component that can’t quite be emulated in the form of serums and treatments. It’s a fact that Morgan Curtis, founder of sleepwear and lingerie brand Morgan Lane, knows very well. Here Curtis tells us all about her nighttime skincare routine, and how she has perfected the art of winding down. 

What inspired the creation of the Morgan Lane line of luxury sleepwear?

I wanted to make pajamas I could wear out. When I was growing up I went to a uniform school and always got in trouble for having my comfy pants on under my skirt. Being comfortable helps me to feel confident and stay motivated, so I really wanted to create something that looked good too! 


Why do you think it's important to get your beauty rest?

As a new mom, I can definitely say beauty rest is hard to come by. My ritual has definitely changed since my baby girl Lottie was born. Despite her waking me up crying from time to time I actually find myself feeling more relaxed at night because she has forced me to have a routine. 


What are some ways you prepare yourself for a good night's sleep?

In order to prepare us both for a good night's sleep, we have a long bath time, usually both of us in the tub. Then I get in the bed with her and read to her before I put her to bed. After this I try to get some "me" time and sometimes get back in the bath, cuddle up on the couch, paint my nails or scour the internet on my phone. 


How does skincare factor into your nighttime ritual?

I am definitely a victim of a lot of blue light exposure since the only time I get to really indulge in phone scrolling is at night. So I turn to Goodhabit Water Jelly Dew Cream


What are your nighttime essentials?

My Goodhabit Lifesaver Kit (I mix up what I use depending on how oily my skin is feeling), my Morgan Lane Lola Cat Sleep Mask, my Morgan Lane Kaia pajama set, my Morgan Lane cashmere socks, Lottie's Hatch sound machine, and my blankie that I still sleep with from when I was a baby, although recently Lottie has stolen it.