Show Mom You Care: The Best Gifts To Give Mom This Mother’s Day

May 7, 2021



by Amanda Etkind


Another year has come and gone, and that means Mother’s Day is almost here. This annual holiday centered around the woman you love most is nothing to joke around about, because let’s face it, mom deserves nothing but the best. So, why not skip the flowers this year, and give her the gift of a good habit. To make things easy, we’ve rounded up our best skincare sets to give mom gorgeous, glowing skin. Whether she’s a skincare obsessee like yourself, or needs a little help with her routine, we’ve got a kit on this list to cover the bases. Ahead, four kit options to give mom this mother’s day. Be forewarned, she’s about to have the glowiest skin of her life. 

Best For: The Mom Who's Obsessed with Skincare 

If your mom has a medicine cabinet filled with lotions, creams, and serums there’s a good chance she’s just as obsessed with skincare as you are. Treat her to the soothing hydration and blue light protection of our full Rescue Me Collection with our The Rescue Me Collection ($249). First, she’ll cleanse her skin with our refreshing micellar gel and slough away dead skin cells with our retexturizing toner, then she’ll slather on our Glow Potion Oil Serum and Water Jelly Dew Cream for a hydrating boost. Finally, have her top everything off with our Bright Awake Eye Cream that imparts a refreshed look in a single sweep, while our Rest + Reset Mask & Moisturizer gives skin a reboot as she’s catching up on beauty sleep. 


Best For: The Mom Who Needs Her Beauty Sleep

Your mom likely lost a lot of beauty sleep when you were a baby. Now’s your chance to make it up to her with a restful sleep and a killer addition to her skincare routine so she can wake up and glow. Our two-piece Day & Night Essentials set has everything she needs for glowing skin from morning to night. In the morning, she’ll pop on our Bright Awake Eye Cream and let the soothing, depuffing formula impart the appearance of a full-night’s rest —no matter how late she was up watching Netflix the night before. Plus, she can put that classic cold spoon trick away thanks to the cooling metal tip on the ey cream.  In the evening, she should top off her routine with our Rest + Reset Mask & Moisturizer, which taps into her skin’s circadian rhythm to create a healthy, radiant complexion while she catches those much-needed ZZs

Best For: The Mom Who Needs Some Extra TLC

She comforted you after your first breakup and made you chicken soup when you fell ill, so now’s your chance to treat her to the same extra soothing care with our Lifesaver Kit ($199). This essential set is packed with our core lineup of  Clean Scene Micellar Gel, Texture Magic Exfoliating Toner, Glow Potion Oil-Serum and Water Jelly Dew Cream to balance and hydrate their skin for a glowy, gorgeous complexion. The lineup is like a reset button for your complexion. Plus, every item in the Rescue Me collection is infused with the powers of hydrating ingredients to soothe your complexion, while our BLU5 technology minimizes and helps prevent future signs of aging caused by artificial blue light. Trust us, your mom will thank you for introducing this good habit into her life. 


Best For: The Mom That’s Always On-The-Move

From her morning workout to brunch with friends to a long day at the office, your mom’s schedule is packed from dawn ‘til dusk. Since her calendar is pretty much all she thinks about she likely doesn't have the time to worry about her skincare routine. Help her out and gift her our entire Rescue Me collection made mini with our Mini Lifesaver Kit includes the four must-have formulas to give you your glowiest complexion yet: The Clean Scene Micellar Gel, Texture Magic Exfoliating Toner, Glow Potion Oil-Serum, and the Water Jelly Dew Cream. These trial sizes are not only perfect for taking on-the-go but also it’s a great way for her to test-drive the entire line before committing to the full-size bottle. What’s more? All four uber-hydrating formulas come packed away into a vanity bag so it’s easy to pop into her gym bag or purse. 

No matter  what you choose to gift mom from this list, just know you’ve given her the gift of gorgeous skin with a good habit in tow.