Don’t Let Stress Show On Your Skin! Here Are Our Five Tips For Having Your Best Skin This Holiday Season

November 11, 2021

stress cause skin problems

by Amanda Etkind 


Caution! Holiday stress can cause skin problems!

November 1st has come and gone, so that means the holiday season is in full swing. The next two months are jam-packed with fabulous food, festive refreshments, and much-needed time with family and friends. But with the good also comes the not-so good. The most wonderful time of the year is also the most stressful. The pressure to find the perfect present and attend every single holiday party that you’ve been invited to is at an all-time high. And all of these things can cause stress—which can have a negative impact on your once glowing skin. So in order to keep your complexion merry and bright (and mitigate any skin woes), it’s imperative to follow our stress-free skin advice. Keep on reading for our top tips and tricks to maintain a holly, jolly complexion this holiday season—and beyond, of course. 



Indulging in sweet treats and all the drinks is good for your soul, but it can sometimes show up on your skin. Not only that, but cooler temperatures and dry air can simultaneously throw your skin out of whack. To keep your skin in a balanced state opt for more hydrating, nourishing products during this time of year than you would during the spring and summer. Using a thicker more hydrating moisturizing agent will lock hydration in and keep your skin from getting dry and flaky. To start, swap your lighter moisturizer for a thicker oil like our Glow Potion Oil Serum ($80). Our fast-absorbing, triple-layered oil-serum combines three products into one streamlined bottle. It saturates your skin with hydration all while promoting both collagen production. It also helps to soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles—which can look more prevalent during higher stress times. 



Since you’re under extra pressure this time of year it’s necessary to level-up your skin treatment game. Try adding a mask into your routine to combat any clogged pores, dehydrated spots, or to just give your skin an overall glow. Our Glow On Enzyme Mask ($55) is a great product to for its gentle, yet effective, resurfacing formula that is packed with a combination of natural fruit enzymes, AHAs, and replenishing oils to kick your radiance up a level and rehydrate skin. Or if you want a product that works while you’re clocking in those much-needed ZZZ’s? Try our NEW Rescue Me Rest & Reset Mask + Moisturizer ($48). This intensely nourishing overnight mask-meets-moisturizer hybrid works with your skin’s nightly regenerative cycle to detox your complexion from the harmful effects of blue light exposure, which you’re probably getting a lot of this time of year. 


As mentioned above, getting sleep is so important all the time, but especially during the holidays. Because lack of sleep not only affects your energy levels (won’t be able to keep up with your packed social calendar), but it also greatly impacts your skin. While we’re awake, our skin works hard to keep itself protected from environmental aggressors like pollution, UV rays, blue light, and more. But once we hit the hay, our skin switches into recovery mode to help repair, regenerate, and fix any damage that may have been caused while we’re going about our daily lives. So if you’re lacking in beauty sleep, your skin will probably not be in its prime state. 



Sure, this time of year is all fun and festive, but running on low battery can induce stress. A great way to re-up your social battery and remain stress free during the holidays is to set aside time for yourself—daily or weekly. Make sure to schedule self-care days into your routine to truly give yourself a chance to relax and unwind. Whether it’s reading, taking a bath, doing a face mask, or all of the above. 

 take time for self care because stress cause skin problems



We love a festive face beat of red lips, glittery lids, and all of the glow, but wearing heavy makeup day in and day out can cause unwanted clogged pores and induce irritation. So it’s imperative to cleanse your skin thoroughly every night before bed—we mean it, don’t skip. If you’re in the market for a fuss-free cleansing solution, try our Clean Scene Micellar Gel. This rinse-free gel whisks away both waterproof and long-wearing formulas alike, as well as dirt, excess oil, and impurities without stripping your skin of essential moisture. It's gentle enough to use on your entire face including your eyes and lips, yet is powerful enough to deliver a clean finish in a single swipe.


Consider yourself armed and ready to handle any holiday stress that comes your way with our helpful stress-free tips and tricks. Head to our Instagram @goodhabitskin for more skincare tips and tricks.