Take Time For You: How To Truly Rest and Reset

March 15, 2021

by Amanda Etkind


Let’s face it, mental ruts do happen, and in today’s constantly “on” society, they happen more frequently than before. Plus, you may be stressed out, bored, lacking motivation or just overall tired of your routine and your surroundings. We certainly don’t blame you if you’re currently feeling this way— feeling “stuck” is an unfortunate part of life. But let’s get one thing straight: It’s OK to feel this way, we’re big proponents of feeling all the feels. But rather than continuing to let these feelings of stagnancy fester, it may be time for a total reboot. Inspired by our newest addition to the Goodhabit fam, our Rest + Reset Mask & Moisturizer (more on that later), we set out to find the best ways to truly rest and reset your mind, body, and spirit. Keep scrolling for our top tips so you can quit running on empty and get back on your journey to being your very best self. 


Clock In Eight Hours Of Uninterrupted Shut-eye

Getting enough sleep is without a doubt one of the best ways to truly rest, and well, reset. We know what you’re thinking: ‘I’ll just chug that extra cup of Joe after a late night or a bad night’s rest.’ We hate to break it to you, but there’s no amount of Starbucks or Celsius energy drinks that can substitute a solid eight hours of a good night’s rest. Why? Well, skipping sleep not only impacts your productivity and, of course, energy levels, but it also seriously negatively impacts your mood, skin (more on that here) ability to retain information, memory, your appetite, and even your immune system. So next time you question whether or not you should put down your phone and fall asleep, just do it. Plus, once you get into a regular sleep cycle, your quality of sleep will improve as well, and your body will learn to better self-regulate your circadian rhythms. 


Add A Boost To Your Evening Skincare Routine

If you’re stuck in a rut, there’s a good chance that your skincare routine is lacking too. Since we know that our skin’s regeneration process can be up to three times faster at night than it is during the day, your nighttime skincare routine is a good place to switch things up. To help aid in your skin’s regenerative cycle, we suggest adding in a retinoid or retinol-based product or an active like glycolic acid, lactic acid, (to name a few) to boost cellular turnover to leave you with a  gorgeous glow when you wake up in the morning. We created our Rest + Reset Mask & Moisturizer for this very purpose. Our intensely nourishing overnight mask-meets-moisturizer hybrid works with your skin’s nightly regenerative cycle to detox your complexion from the harmful effects of blue light exposure. Thanks to a bunch of skin-loving ingredients like hyaluronic acid, blue tansy, our patented BLU5 Tech, plus bakuchiol—a plant-based, natural retinol alternative—you’ll wake up with that aforementioned gorgeous glow. 


Skip The Screens Before Bed

We know how tempting it is to unwind at the end of the day by endlessly scrolling through Instagram. But being glued to your screen right before bed is not only bad for your skin, it’s also bad for your quality of sleep. Spending time in front of the screens right before bed sends signals to your body that you’re very much still “up,” so it’s harder to put your mind at rest. Instead, put down the phone at least 2 hours before bed, and stick to practicing mindfulness activities like reading an actual book, or listening to a podcast. This way you’re giving your eyes and mind a “rest” so that the rest of your body can do the same once you finally fall asleep. 


Pencil In Some Alone Time

We love hanging out with our friends, don’t get us wrong. We’re all about a night out (or in this case, a night over Zoom), but it can be exhausting to constantly be around people—virtually and in person. That's why it’s so important to take what we call a social rest. Spending time by yourself allows you to tune into your own feelings and emotions, rather than constantly catering to the needs of others.. So next time you want to get a mani/pedi, take a walk, or watch a movie, it might be best to do it by yourself, rather than accompanied by someone else. 


If you made it through all four steps, congrats! We’re hoping you’ve been inspired to  rest, reset, and refuel your mind, body, and spirit so you can continue on the path of being your best and most vibrant self.