The Skincare Swaps You Need to Make for Fall

October 16, 2020


Now that Sweater Weather is upon us, you’ve probably started replacing flowy summer dresses with those comfy, cozy knits to complement the brisk weather. But, just like your wardrobe changes with the seasons, so should your skincare routine — you wouldn’t step outside in your beloved Levi cut-offs in 30 degree weather, would you? As the humidity drops and cooler, drier air starts to creep in, the sudden seasonal change can cause our skin to turn flaky, and parched. “Our skin is our first and most important barrier between our bodies and the outside world,” Stanford-educated dermatologist Dr. Laurel Geraghty tells InStyle Magazine. “As temperatures and humidity levels drop, skin is one of the first organs to feel the effects, as it becomes dryer, more fragile, flakier, and itchier.”

To get into the nitty gritty, the water levels in the air can affect your skin’s moisture levels, and a climate that is drier and cooler than what you’re used to can wreak havoc on your barrier, causing dryness and irritation. And we definitely don't want that. To help you out, we’re sharing our top tips for transitioning your skincare routine from summer to fall.

Ditch Stripping Cleansers
One tough realization: Many cleansers on the market are filled with ingredients like foaming agents and high percentages of harsh actives that can leave your skin tight to the touch. While this may be okay in the dog days of summer when your skin is producing more oil, these overly-cleansing formulas definitely won’t cut it in the dead of winter. Swap out any harsh cleansers for a more nourishing soap-free formula filled good-for-your-skin ingredients like hyaluronic acid and nourishing oils. Our Clean Scene Micellar Gel is a great option for when you don’t have a sink nearby. The feather-light gel texture is packed with encapsulated hyaluronic acid beads to deliver a burst of hydration while gently removing stubborn makeup, oil, and impurities without the need to rinse. Your skin is left soft, supple, and most importantly, hydrated.

Opt For A Gentle Exfoliator
While it may sound counterintuitive to exfoliate dry winter skin, using a gentle exfoliant helps to promote your skin’s cellular turnover by removing dead skin cells, revealing the radiant finish underneath and allowing your products to penetrate at a deeper level. In turn, you’ll reap *all* the benefits of those hydrating products you’ll layer on after. Physical exfoliants (you know, the ones with the rough particles that leave your complexion feeling raw) can often be too much for sensitive skin types, which is why we’re fans of gentle chemical exfoliants. They offer more control than abrasive scrubs, and there’s less of a risk of irritation. We love to use our Texture Magic Exfoliating Toner which is an ultra-gentle formula spiked with a powerhouse blend of AHAs, BHAs, and PHAs that buffs away dead skin cells in one fell swoop. Because it’s formulated with a pH of 3.7 (which is the ideal number) those with more sensitive skin types can use it twice a day with zero irritation or redness.

Add A Glow-Boosting Serum
Never underestimate the power of a serum. The right formula can give your skin an instant glow, plus the long-term hydration that it needs during this time of the year. Choosing one with moisture-magnet humectants like hyaluronic acid, glycerin, or sodium hyaluronate that draw moisture from the air into your skin is your best bet for achieving a plump, dewy appearance. Our antioxidant-rich Glow Potion Oil Serum combines the powerful effects of an oil, serum, and essence into one. The oil layer infuses skin with moisture, while the serum phase locks in hydration and strengthens the skin barrier to protect against transepidermal water loss. The essence phase helps to plump up fine lines and fades dark spots, leaving your skin looking ultra-healthy and hydrated.

Amp Up The Hydration Factor
Your typical light moisturizer may have worked wonders during the high heat of summer, but as we veer into chillier weather, you’ll need to layer up in something more hydrating to protect against the elements. Your first thought may be to go to the other extreme with a thick cream, but if you’re already on the oily side, heavier formulas could clog your pores — not to mention, generally feel uncomfortable. Thanks to the high concentration of humectants in our Water Jelly Dew Cream you’ll reap all the benefits of heavyweight hydration with a fast-absorbing, lightweight texture. The formula is rich in chamazulene, which helps soothe inflammation and reduce redness — a must for curbing the instant flush the cool, dry air can create upon walking outside.

As the weather gets cooler and drier, we like to think of our skincare arsenal in a similar way to our wardrobe — strategic layers are key in preventing the elements from dulling your natural glow. Now, with your uber-hydrating lineup in place, you’ll be armed and ready to tackle the colder weather. Windchill, who?