Exfoliation Break-Down: Presenting Everything You Need To Know About Exfoliating Your Skin

June 22, 2022



by Amanda Etkind



Exfoliating is a necessary step in any skincare routine. This essential part of your cleansing regimen is the key to bright, smooth skin all year ‘round. The caveat? Exfoliating isn’t one-size-fits-all. Some formulas offer physical exfoliation, some offer chemical, and some offer both. Plus, depending on your skin type and goals you may prefer one formulation over the other. We know it may be confusing to navigate, but thankfully, we have all the answers to your exfoliating questions. 


We recently dished up all deets about exfoliating with our  Glow On Oil Exfoliator ($36) with Jeniece Trizzino, our VP of Product Development and Innovation and Marianne Mychaskiw, our Associate Director of Communications on Instagram Live. While you should definitely watch the LIVE, we decided to shine the spotlight on some key takeaways from it. Keep on scrolling to learn all the info about exfoliating featuring our exfoliating and brightening lineup.  



Use A Foolproof Formula So You Don’t Over Exfoliate 

As we mentioned above, exfoliating can be a tricky territory to enter. Depending on the product you use and the amount you use it, you can certainly over do it leaving your skin raw and red with a compromised skin barrier. According to Trizzino, if you over exfoliate you’re removing necessary things in your skin including your protective skin barrier that shields from dust, smog, pollution, blue light damage, etc. That’s the reason Goodhabit went about making a product that made it hard to over do it. “We wanted to make exfoliation completely foolproof,” says Trizzino. The formula features 100% natural exfoliants like grapefruit and strawberry seeds gently remove impurities and surface buildup without stripping or irritating skin spiked into a replenishing oil blend that nourishes and restores your skin barrier for a glowy, plump appearance.

It Does More Than Just Remove Dead Skin Cells

We know you may be thinking that exfoliating simply removes dead skin cells, but it goes a lot deeper than that. “As we age our cell turnover slows and dead skin cells build up,” informs Trizzino. This means that while yes the act of removing the dead skin cells is true, doing this actually has a number of benefits beyond just sloughing off impurities as a proper cleansing and exfoliating routine really restores that healthy vibrant glow that we all want. “Exfoliating brightens, improves the appearance of skin, unclogs pores, keeps acne at bay, and  stimulates collagen synthesis to keep skin plump, tight and young,” Trizzino shares. Plus, according to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), exfoliating consistently once or twice a week can actually allow your topical skincare to be more efficacious in turn stimulating collagen production for fresher, more youthful-looking skin. 



Exfoliate In The AM Over PM

Just like with many skincare steps, the time of day you incorporate it into your routine matters just as much as the product itself. Trizzino shares that in her opinion exfoliating in the morning works a little bit better than at night since you’ll have a layer of dead skin when you wake up in the morning. Since your skin regenerates itself from 11 PM to 4 AM creating new skin cells and repairing existing damage, it might be best to exfoliate in the morning so you’ll truly start your day with a fresh, glowing start. 


Don’t Forget To Moisturize

Exfoliating means nothing if you don’t follow it up with moisturizer. A main factor in having clear, bouncy skin is keeping it hydrated—no matter your skin type. “If you think about it, a newborn baby's skin is super nourished and hydrated leaving it with a natural glow,” says Trizzino. Since as you age your skin loses its fresh, youthful appearance due to less collagen production you’ll need to incorporate skincare products into your routine to get that radiance again. If you’re looking for a moisturizer to use, we have a nourishing lineup for all skin types. Our Rescue Me Rest & Reset Mask + Moisturizer ($38) is an intensely nourishing overnight mask-meets-moisturizer hybrid that works with your skin’s nightly regenerative cycle. If you want a thicker oil, our Glow Potion Oil Serum ($59) works wonders with its fast-absorbing, triple-layered oil-serum that combines three products into one streamlined bottle. For a lightweight option that doesn’t skimp on hydration, look to our Water Jelly Dew Cream ($20) which is brimming with humectants to hydrate skin without any heavy feeling. 


Now that you’ve gotten all the major details about exfoliating including with our Glow on Oil Exfoliator, you’ll be able to properly slough off dead skills to reveal a brighter, radiant complexion. Follow us @goodhabitskin on Instagram for more info on all things clean skincare.