In Honor of Blue Light Awareness Day, Here Are Three Products That Reduce Your Exposure To Blue Light

October 8, 2021

by Amanda Etkind

If you know us, you likely know we wax poetic about the dangers of blue light exposure. While we’ve already gotten into the nitty gritty about why we care so much, it’s only fitting that we celebrate the day that raises awareness about this under-the-radar topic. This recently established holiday (it’s only three years old!) known as Blue Light Awareness Day is centered around recognizing and acknowledging the issues that arise from constant exposure to blue light. Since, we love a holiday that also sheds light (see what we did there) on significant topics that aren't well-known, we want to help you take part in the holiday the right way. If you can swing it, steer clear of your computer screen, tablet, and even your phone to curb your exposure to blue light, and take time to reflect and live in the moment. But since you can’t avoid it altogether, we thought we’d take this opportunity to introduce you to some products that help protect you from the not-so-great exposure on a daily basis. From blue light blocking glasses to skin-shielding face creams (which is 20% off this weekend only!), we handpicked our favorite blue light protection products.



Sure, our entire lineup fights against the damage that blue light causes on your skin, but today, we want to spotlight one particular product—our Water Jelly Dew Cream ($55). This gel-cream hybrid delivers heavyweight hydration with a lightweight texture thanks to a mix of some hard-working ingredients. Hyaluronic acid locks moisture into skin to create a softer, plumper appearance, while a blend of 20% humectants draw water for a smoother, more radiant finish with a dewy glow. But the really important thing it does is protect from blue light. It stars our BLU5 technology which neutralizes the impact of artificial blue light damage while hitting the undo button on previous damage. Even better? This weekend only you get 20% off a full-size product when you use code BLUELIGHTWKND.



It’s important to protect your eyes while browsing your phone, laptop, or TV since you obviously cannot miss an episode 90 Day Fiance or what’s happening on TikTok, and that's where blue light blocking glasses come in. These glasses from NYC-based brand Fifth & Ninth (they’re named after two avenues!) should be your new best friend any time you’re in front of a screen. They feature a blue-light shielding technology that protects your eyes from strain that blue light causes along with changes to your eyesight. Check out this chic, accessible brand here for all your trendy blue light optical needs.



Buying a screen protector for your digital devices can make all the difference in the world too—especially if you suffer from eye strain. Our favorite? We love everything from the brand EyeJust. These third-party tested and ophthalmologist-approved screen protectors that come in a variety of styles for your phone, tablet, gaming device, and laptop decrease blue light exposure without the need for any extra products or if you just want to beef up your protection if you’re already wearing glasses and using blue light shielding skincare. Using these (along with the other products on this list) will help defend against the negative effects that blue light may have on your eyes, skin, and sleep schedule.

While we know you’re going to give up screen time anytime soon, why not give some of these blue-light protecting products a go? You’ll thank us later, we promise. And don’t forget, you get 20% off our full-size Water Jelly Dew Cream, this weekend only.